WHITESNAKE is one of the most influential and most popular bands in the world of rock and roll, a favorite of several generations. Its main engine is singer David Coverdale Deep Purple. After a series of worship albums and memorable concerts WHITESNAKE proudly announced that they assume in 2015 a new world tour Ã’he PURPLE TOUR, which will include their biggest hits and songs from their new album “The Purple Album”.

David Coverdale left Deep Purple in 1976 and two years later founded WHITESNAKE. His musical journey goes through heavy blues rock of the late 70s with albums like TROUBLE, LOVEHUNTER, READY AND WILLING, COME AN ‘GET IT, in hard rock sound and multi-platinum SLIDE IT IN to smash self-titled WHITESNAKE, sold millions of copies.

After numerous appearances in 2013 related to the tour FOREVERMORE WORLD TOUR, the band spent 2014 in the records of the 12th studio album “The Purple Album”. “Our new products will be a kind of homage. This is a big thank you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity that was given to me 40 years ago – says Coverdale. – As I told Richie them began this incredible journey for me, which continues today and I could not imagine better teachers. The university Deep Purple was exceptional school for me. We are eager to fulfill these songs live at mp3-on.info! ”

With “The Purple Album” blockbuster opening of “Burn” the last song “Stormbringer”, WHITESNAKE are back better than ever. Favorite of several generations of rock anthems such as “Lady Double Dealer”, “Soldier of Fortune” and “Sail Away” strike with new sound and new energy from the five big: vocalist David Coverdale, guitarist Reb Beach and Joel Hukstra, bassist Michael Devin and drummer Tommy Aldrich.